Training & Development

Writing Learning Materials

Do you need to develop some materials for your training, or to support the roll out of a new policy or approach? Do you find that the materials you write at the moment just sit on a shelf gathering dust? Would you like to develop learning materials and presentations that everyone can understand, remember and use?

Seedbed Consulting Ltd can help you develop useful, accessible learning and presentation materials, to help you get the most from your investment in training and development. We can help you develop these materials yourself, or do the writing for you. We can help with:

  • Bite-sized training materials through to full programmes of learning
  • Making your presentations understandable and relevant
  • Simplifying language, and using other techniques to promote better understanding
  • Written communication skills
  • Writing materials for different audiences
  • Making your materials interactive

Our Experience

Seedbed Consulting Ltd can draw on many years of experience in developing materials and presentations for a variety of audiences, including learners with low levels of language or literacy, professional trainers and teachers, managers with little experience of training, and HR departments wanting to inform staff about new legislation or policies. Whether you just need some tips and support, or want a full programme developed, we are here to help.

Examples of work completed include:

Amanda is extremely professional, meets deadlines and creates high quality materials. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would like to again in the future. I would recommend her highly.

Careers Service Manager

Bite-sized Training

For this project with a large careers advice company, we developed a series of ten bite-sized training sessions around embedding literacy, numeracy and language in advice sessions. This was designed for non-training managers to integrate into staff meetings and included facts, activities, resources, reference materials, referral routes and interactive quizzes.

Reference Handbook

This project involved working with equality champions within a company to develop short guides around the different aspects of the Equality Act 2010 that could be used as reference by staff. They included facts, definitions, examples, how to identify and overcome barriers caused by different types of discrimination, and practical uses of the legislation.  A separate guide addressed dealing with customers with low levels of English (ESOL).

Training Toolkit

This was a national project which Seedbed Consulting Ltd contributed to. It consisted of a Skills for Life toolkit for employers, Government Offices, Trades Unions and Sector Skills Councils. It included research on different employment sectors and regions, and compiled a variety of support to help employers embed Skills for Life into their workplace activities, from identifying need through to implementation and evaluation.

Train the Trainer

Do you have staff that have to deliver training or design resources? Would you like them to improve their presentation skills or produce training that is more inclusive? Do you want to find out how to simplify your training and resources to make them more easily understood? Developing your own staff to deliver great training can reduce your dependence on external trainers, ensure that all your trainers know about your business, and it will save you money! Contact Seedbed Consulting Ltd for all your train the trainer needs, including:

  • Planning your training programme so that each element builds on what came before
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Developing clear aims and objectives that mean something
  • Making training sessions interactive
  • Coping with problems and addressing different learning styles
  • Writing relevant materials to use and take away
  • Simplifying materials and adapting them to different audiences
  • Feedback and evaluation

Our Experience

Training the trainer is a large part of Seedbed Consulting´s portfolio of experience, and includes helping teachers and trainers within the further and adult education sector, third sector managers, and training staff in the workplace.

Examples of work completed include:

Amanda works as a reflective practitioner, always critical of her teaching and learning approaches.

National Training Manager

Embedding Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

A programme of training for a range of Local Authority strategic planners, departmental managers, HR, training staff and local councillors to implement a Whole Organisation Approach to Skills for Life. This included embedding such learning in strategic and operational planning documents, ensuring LLN was considered as integral to other training and development, helping managers understand the importance of LLN in policies such as health and safety, appraisals and recruitment, and raising awareness of ways to up-skill existing and new staff.

Learning to Train

This consisted of a range of workshops directed at third sector organisations whose main work was not educational. It developed managerial and front line staff skills in planning, delivering and evaluating learning. Sessions run included assessing need, marketing and promotion, planning learning sessions, considering health & safety, equality & diversity, simple methods of delivery, recognising and recording progress and achievement, evaluation and future planning.

Introducing New Training Programmes

Seedbed Consulting Ltd participated in a national programme of professional development around the pilot phases of Functional Skills, delivering workshops and consultancy support for post-14 teachers and organisations in changing over from Key Skills or Skills for Life to new Functional Skills qualifications. This included training for teachers, departmental managers and strategic managers.

Improving Language and Literacy

Good language and literacy skills can make a huge difference to how your company is perceived, the quality of your communications and the ability of your staff to understand policies, complete paperwork effectively and benefit from training and development.

Seedbed Consulting Ltd can help you:

  • Improve your written and verbal communication skills
  • Make your documents, posters, policies and commonly used paperwork more understandable
  • Adapt documents and materials for different audiences
  • Make your training materials easier for those with lower levels of literacy
  • Write reports, minutes and publicity in an engaging way

Our Experience

Seedbed Consulting Ltd has worked with a variety of organisations and individuals to make their working environment more accessible to those who struggle with literacy or language issues. This has included literacy and ESOL classes, working with managers to simplify language used and learn techniques to make documents more readable, training on effective report-writing, and train the trainer sessions to help organisations disseminate learning through different departments.

Examples of work completed include:

Amanda has run workshops and training courses for a range of adults in our project. She has delivered these with efficiency and high order classroom management skills. She has had to establish relationships with a very wide range of learners: feedback from these learners has been wholly positive, not to say glowing about their

Adult Education Project Manager

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) awareness

An intensive two-day training programme for trainers in the rail industry to help raise the awareness of the importance of LLN skills in the training and development of rail infrastructure staff. The programme included practical ways to assess need, engage staff and develop and simplify materials, as well as interactive examples of the difference these approaches can make.

Supporting Learning Providers

The Subject Learning Coach programme was part of the government´s National Teaching and Learning Change Programme, and Seedbed Consulting Ltd was responsible for developing adult learning networks and delivering training, including language, literacy and numeracy across London. Part of this programme worked with vocational tutors, training them to consider issues around Skills for Life and embed the skills in the delivery of their subject-specific courses.

Literacy and ESOL Training

Seedbed Consulting Ltd Director Amanda has been a teacher of literacy and ESOL in FE Colleges and adult education, as well as delivering English language training to individuals and businesses in Spain. She has also provided online, email and phone support to hundreds of staff across the UK as part of a programme to help them gain their literacy qualifications for their Apprenticeships.