Project Management & Partnership Development

Project Management

Are you thinking about bidding for project funding but don’t have the time or expertise to pull together a top quality bid? Do you have a project to run, but don’t have the time, staffing or expertise to ensure its success? Would you like someone to structure, monitor, run and evaluate your project or programme of work, and keep you up to date with progress?

Seedbed Consulting Ltd provides an efficient solution. We can provide support to existing staff, or run a complete project for you. We can help you with whatever you need, including:

Project set up:

  • Initial research and planning to develop project ideas
  • Supporting initial bidding for funds
  • Developing partnerships
  • Getting a project established
  • Designing systems of monitoring and ways of working
  • Developing strategic and delivery plans

Project Management:

  • Working with partners and ensuring they deliver on their obligations
  • Ensuring that outputs are monitored and achieved
  • Ensuring accurate and timely financial control and information
  • Managing risk and on-going issues
  • Quality control

Project Close:

  • Completing or arranging final project evaluation
  • Ensuring all required reporting is completed according to requirements and on-time
  • Impact assessment
  • Making recommendations on sustainability and hand-over

Our Experience

Seedbeed Consulting Ltd has experience with a range of private, public and third sector projects. We also have experience with multi-partner projects, and national and European funded projects. All projects we have been involved with have over-achieved targets, and achieved all their aims and objectives.

Examples of work completed include:

Amanda plans and monitors progress very effectively and ensure policies and project plans are made reality. She has great skills in establishing and maintaining project partners and stakeholder buy-in, and in producing high quality project reporting documentation.

National Charity Manager

Multi-Partner Project

Multi-partner project linking St Mungo's homeless charity to mainstream education providers. The project involved setting up and coordinating all activity, including working with 14 learning providers in the public, private and third sectors. The project benefitted over 270 homeless clients in seven homeless hostels and facilities. All outputs were over-achieved, the project was brought in on-budget and a social enterprise centre was set up, allowing more experienced clients to provide learning in the future to their homeless colleagues.

Regional Project

A two-year project to encourage SMEs, public, community and third sector groups to deliver first step learning which would lead onto vocational learning opportunities. Over 2500 learners benefitted from a range of basic skills, vocational opportunities, ICT and professional development courses, and individual SMEs also accessed a range of development training. The project also involved the management of a large strategic political steering partnership.

National Project

Seedbed Consulting Ltd coordinated the East of England region as part of a national project embedding a Whole Organisation Approach to Skills for Life within Local Authority strategies, policies and training programmes. Fourteen LAs benefitted from consultancy support and workshop training to develop their approaches to literacy, language and numeracy, of which 13 subsequently achieved a Government Office Award for their work. Learning champions were set up, and a self-support network allowed the work to continue post-project. Links to the Investors in People Quality Mark, Unions and staff skill audits were also established, resulting in case studies that were shared across the country.

Partnership Development

Would you like to expand your reach by working with other organisations? Or maybe you need to develop a partnership to apply for funding or diversify your work? Would you like to work with organisations outside of your sector to add value to your (and their) work?

Partnership working is vital today, but developing effective partnerships and maintaining them can be hard work, particularly when you want to work cross-sectorally. It can take time to track down the right people, understand their sector and organisational culture, and find the best ways of working together to benefit everyone. Seedbed Consulting Ltd can help you with training, guidance or management regarding partnership development and working, including:

  • Key features of collaboration and effective partnership working
  • Defining and diagnosing where you are now and how to move forward
  • Looking at the partnership lifecycle, developing a collaborative vision and direction, and deciding where you want to be
  • Deciding how you are going to get there by looking at strategy and delivery planning, partnership roles and responsibilities, communication, quality assurance, equality and diversity, benchmarking, monitoring and evaluation

Our Experience

Seedbed Consulting Ltd has developed and run a number of partnerships both as part of multi-partnered projects, and as a feature of community engagement. These partnerships have ranged from small geographically-centred groupings, through to high level regional strategic groups and large cross-sectoral projects. We have experience of creating partnerships for specific projects, linking the third sector with private businesses and the education sector, working across the educational and cultural sectors and of building support networks.

Seedbed Consulting Ltd has also designed and run both small and large community engagement projects using tools such as the development of community champions, engaging with established social, religious and statutory groups, and working with local media. We have also provided training to help organisations and individuals to adapt their language and engagement tactics to better reflect the needs of their target client groups.

Examples of work completed include:

Amanda has the ability to find her feet very quickly in a new context, often working in complex partnerships spanning organisations from different sectors. Her background as a manager in adult learning providers, a funding council and a national quality improvement agency means that she understands the demands on all stakeholders in a project.

London Funding Agency Manager

Engagement Network

Development of a large network of organisations interested in adult learning to impact local and regional learning offers. Partnership support provided included training, good practice materials, workshops, events, online support and facilitated joint working.

Cross-Sector Partnership

Set up in response to the Leitch report, this partnership aimed at encouraging the voluntary sector to engage with employers and Train to Gain funding/providers. Partnership training addressed barriers to engagement, working practices (both of the third sector and T2G brokers), initiating contact between the sectors and turning those contacts into learning starts for employees.

Joint Delivery Partnership

Development of a partnership steering group of homeless hostels, private training providers, FE colleges and adult learning providers to facilitate the introduction of learning into hostels and the progression of homeless clients into further learning. This included partnership agreements, communication strategies, targets, monitoring and evaluation.