Examples of Other Work

Adult Learners' Week

Seedbed Learning Ltd coordinated London, the South-East and Essex regions for Adult Learners´Week from 2007 until the ending of the regional programme in 2015.  Adult Learners' Week was sponsored by ESF and BIS, and consisted of high profile learning awards, and an annual Festival of Learning during May and June to inspire thousands of people to discover how learning could change their lives.

Seedbed Consulting Ltd ran every part of the campaign, including:

  • Encouraging nominations for adult learning awards though extensive partnership working, development workshops and training web clips, and a regular e-newsletter sent out to a range of learning organisations and stakeholders
  • Chairing selection panels and coordinating contact with winning learners, projects and organisations
  • Organising all details of regional Awards Ceremonies, including logistics, sponsorship, publicity and the production of a high profile awards profile book
  • Encouraging and facilitating hundreds of "have a go" tasters organised by learning organisations throughout May and June
  • Providing training, development and personal support for organisations to run tasters of learning
  • Organising publicity, media coverage and a high social media profile
  • Evaluating the annual campaign as part of a national report for EU and national government sponsors

Archived Resources for Running an Adult Learners' Week Event

Seedbed Consulting Ltd developed a range of resources to support organisations in planning and running short events or tasters of learning for Adult Learners' Week.  Some of these resources are included below for free download, as they are relevant for any organisation wanting to run learning events, either as a support to existing work or to promote upcoming learning programmes.

Short 5-minute video clip on How to Get Ideas for Your Event

Links to free online resources that can be used with groups or at work (not updated since 2015)

Click here to read about examples of activities that happened in the South-East during 2007-2015

Post-Inspection Quality Improvement Support

Seedbed Learning Ltd was asked to provide support to an adult learning organisation following an unfavourable Ofsted inspection.  Intensive support is being provided to senior managers and curriculum staff to facilitate improvements in:

  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment: this involved updating the OTLA procedures and forms to improve outcomes and link observations to the quality cycle, SAR, performance management and CPD. This included Peer Observation and Learning Walks.
  • Individual Learning Plans: ILP standardised forms were updated to reflect the need for stretching and individualised targets and the embedding of employability skills, maths, English, safeguarding and Prevent.
  • Service Performance Management: this involved working with senior managers and leaders to improve the strategic management of the adult learning service, including key performance management information and live data tracking, the use of Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) as a management tool, benchmarking and the integration of service procedures into a quality cycle.
  • Curriculum Staff Handbook: updating, expanding and editing a new curriculum staff handbook.
  • Progression and destination data: revised procedure to improve the timely collection of required data and use it within service management processes.
  • VLE: consideration of the use and function of a VLE both for staff and learners.

Support being offered includes one-to-one support for senior managers, an analysis of each area of weakness along with with an action plan to create continuous improvement, revised documentation, policies and procedures, and the sharing of good practice from adult learning organisations who have successfully improved standards and results.